Sigma Kappa

Theta Psi Chapter



Sigma Kappa takes academics very seriously. During the Fall 2017 Semester, we had many of our sisters make Dean’s List, their names can be found below. The Theta Psi Chapter requires members of the sorority to attend weekly study hours based on their current GPA’s. This gives sisters extra time to study for upcoming exams and other deadlines. Another great thing that Sigma Kappa offers is a Facebook group for each academic college within Penn State. Within these Facebook groups, any member can post and ask for advice on classes to take, help with assignment and more. These groups are very helpful! They help our sisters connect with each other in the same class so that they can study together, and get better grades by helping each other out!


Dean’s List Honorees:

Angela Abadiotakis, Dana Altman, Caitlin Belcik, Courtney Berlin, Julia Blacker, Emily Bosaczyk, Anna Brairton, Meredith Braun, Candace Burke, Emma Cancel, Samantha Collina, Julianna Cox, Alexandra Cunn, Alexis DePasqua, Alana DiBiase, Meghan Drakas, Rachel Earthman, Lauren Echausse, Erika Ekrod, Enerel Enkhbat, Kathryn Facelle, Jacqueline Freedman, Lauren Freid, Justine Gaines, Megan Gallagher, Christine Garlick, Marisa George, Cameron Greif, Hannah Griffin, Shannon Harney, Blake Hurley, Andrea Huston, Allison Jordan, Kylie Kausch, Rachel Klein, Alexis Krasas, Kathryn Larkin, Rachael Lowe, Paige Marecic, Julia Marullo, Jessica Mayer, Bailey Mielcusny, Amy Miklos, Catherine Mott, Kieran Murphy, Serena Namgoong, Caitlyn Nanasi, Rorry O'Connor, Darcy Pacheco, Sydney Pece, Jessica Rogowicz, Olivia Rosato, Kayla Roseman, Rachel Runatz, Olivia Salvo, Taylor Shields, Abigail Strickland, Michele Sullivan, Alexa Tallarido, Jessica Taylor, Anna Thompson, Kimberly Totten, Alessandra Tringali, Alexandra Troisi, Kate Wagner, Melissa Wittig